Wednesday 5 January 2011


Effitypoopants! - My favourite swear word made up by me! I should trade mark it, go on say it out loud... Feels good right???

I am feeling quite overwhelmed this morning. Stud1 is back at work, the weather is grey and misty (kind of like my mood) and all the wheels fell off!

Stud1 tried his best to get to work early but all the public transport services are running on holiday timetables until the 9th so he missed a bus, we drove him to the station only to find that the ticket office was shut! In the end we did what we had to and drove him the thirty odd minutes to work (round trip of about an hour).

This is usually fine, except not having had breakfast yet as I was planning on easing into the day with Monkey and having a healthy breakfast at about 8am and feeling a rather large resentment towards the stupid transport agencies for not making it obvious on their websites that there were changes to the timetables AND taking it out on Stud1 and Monkey - led me to burst into tears and get all snotty and gross. Which in turn led to me feeling worse about making Monkey worried and Stud1 defensive.

I think, though, that I am just really missing Stud1. I love having him home and his work hours and ethic means that he spends more time away from me (us) than I am comfortable with. This week has been amazing - Monkey is glowing from all the attention, I was am feeling like I am coping and doing a good job and Stud1 and I were are connecting in a more focussed way.

Basically - I guess I am in the midst of holiday hangover and I will snap out of it... but I am scared that I am going to turn back into the harping fishwife of old due to tiredness and general bitchiness. 

BUT I have a plan - small steps of course.

I am sat typing this having had breakfast, while Monkey is creating something with play dough and then we are going to make a heart as requested (no idea why), I have taken a panadol for my headache, then we will make some healthy(ish) cookies.

This should get us to lunch time and ultimately nap time. This afternoon I guess we'll play pirates and build puzzles.

Hopefully this will get us to hometime with out too many tears or shouting.

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  1. BAHAHA! Love it! I say "Strike me Purple!" or "Strike me Pink" or "Flip"


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