Friday 31 December 2010

On route to being smaller

How I will become physical smaller... (A rough draft)

  1. I want to eat more vegetarian food - aiming to have four main meals a week vegetarian to start
  2. I will only have one bought coffee a week
  3. I want to cut down to one or less sugars in my coffees
  4. I want to walk more
  5. I want to cycle more - made easier now that Monkey has a pedal bike
  6. I will cut out sweet treats during the week
  7. I will reward myself with time, rather than food
  8. I want to try out zumba or something similar - just in case I like it
  9. I will drink water instead of fizz
  10. I will start rewiring my internal monologue - less negativity will help me achieve my goals.
There you go. Ten things I thought of and it's going to be my master list. I will tweak it and work on it for the month of January and then sit down and rethink it. It will change as it is a work in progress and I haven't quite finished my research. 

Any other advice? Please comment positively, all my research points to using positives rather than negatives to bring about a mind change...


  1. Good luck! Share the vegetarian meal ideas - I think thats a great idea (and may save your budget as well as your hips)

  2. Keep meat in Monkey's diet - he needs to have a proper protein source.

  3. Thanks Kitteh, we are :D Cyber Hi5 btw :D


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