Friday 3 December 2010

A letter to Monkey

Dear Monkey,

One day when you are old and grey or just spotty and gross, I'll make you read this letter to remind you how special you are!

I love how you call me, Mummy Darling and you call Daddy - Daddykins. I love how you use imaginary cards to give us cuddles and kisses. I will always think that a stroke on the cheek is "love" because you made that your own sign for love when  you were 9 months old. I love nose kisses even when you have a snotty nose. It's gross but I love you anyway.

I am proud of the person you are becoming. You have empathy. It's a rare thing these days to meet people who are empathetic. How do I know you have empathy for others? I watch you look after the babies in our lives. The way you are so gentle and make sure they have something to play with. The way you tried to rock Anna to sleep for Kelly and didn't join in with your favourite song at music because "I is trying help Kelly make Anna sleep."

You have an unusual ability to share - two year olds are not known for the ability to share. But you have been sharing for a long time and you still do it - even with things like your favourite foods and toys. I am so proud of you!

You are adventurous and sensible at the same time. You are the helmet policeman. You seem to understand the risks involved with many things and will still try them but I can see you thinking it all through.

You have the ability to focus on things and work out how they work. You have perseverance and stamina. Your memory is astounding - I'm not sure when you're going to realise that the balloon that blew out of the window as we drove round Oriental Bay is gone. For good!

Monkey - you love, laugh and live freely. You are an inspiration to me.

I love you.

Mummy Darling.

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