Thursday 4 November 2010

Birthday cards, extreme caramel latte and the desire to punch someone's face in!

This morninng, being a Thursday, we got ready for Music Group. But as it is the weekend before Guy Fawkes we stopped to get some sparklers for Monkey. However there were no sparklers available and we were left with 45 minutes to waste before Music....

I decided to take Monkey to choose a birthday card for Nana and post it. Which we duly did, this means that for the first year since I left home, the card may actually be on time. FTW!

Then we stopped for a quick coffee (extreme toffee latte - spoil of the week) and
Monkey had a fluffy.

We get to music and it is packed. Monkey is 2 and a half, built like a 5 year old and about as strong. He is exuberant and very loving. And he loves his music group and all his friends.

Today he was very bouncy and so excited. I had to remind him a few times about choosing the right behaviour for the situation etc and he calmed down. But then he went to hug a little girl and knocked her over. I made him apologise but not before her mother had told him he was naughty... I am ok with her saying something to him about it being sore etc but he is not malicious in anyway. So that bugged me... then I saw what it did to him... he crumpled and all the spirit and laughter left him... I was so livid I wanted to punch her in her precious mummy nose!

I am still really upset about it and feel like I am letting him down for letting him into a situation where he is judged like that... I may sound like a mum who's had the wool pulled over her eyes but I have VERY high expectations for his behaviour - hence the apologising for the accident.

I think we should have paused the day about the time we had our latte and fluffy.

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  1. Bloody betch! Shoulda punched her...although not a good look in a church xx


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