Friday 29 October 2010

Coffee and Uncharitable Thoughts

This morning I had my first skype chat over a cup of coffee with my UK Bestie Linnyloo. (Why it took us FIVE years to do it is beyond me) It made it seem like we were in the same room and not 11649.4 miles (18747.8km) apart.

For most of the four years we were in the UK I couldn't drive. We lived in Buckingham and worked in Milton Keynes (Aka "Milton Keynes has many roundabouts" - as referenced in Love Actually) so I wasn't too keen to learn to drive due to a slight fear of roundabouts.

Linnieloo and I worked at the same school, and we used to spend each afternoon at her house while I waited for my lift home with Stud1. These afternoons were filled with uncharitable thoughts, coffee, playing with Little L and teasing Miss Buxom. It got us both through some rough patches in life, work and love. It also meant we laughed until we cried, learnt all the words to Ghetto Gospel and a song by Akon, made up code words, rewrote many nursery rhymes so that they were slightly naughty and practised walking like a lady.

These afternoons and the Friday night curries that often followed will always be one of the most important parts of the UK experience and I have no doubt that when we go back (when Monkey will cope with the LONG commute) we will sit down, cry a little and then launch into an afternoon of coffee and uncharitable thoughts.

We have plans to buy Starbucks (Shhhh) and skype again. Then it will truly be like the old days.

Coffee, Besties and Uncharitable Thoughts! - priceless!

My Princess Linnieloo and her hubby on their big day!

Ok - more priceless was Little L- proving that she is nearly thirteen by showing us she has indeed matured in the five years since we saw her by comparing cleavage with her big sis!

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