Monday 24 October 2016

The Wolf And I

In between now and then
Skipping between the shadows
We dance
Longer, even during the nights,
Waltzing in the moonlight,
Our feet kicking up the past,
Ghosts dance under a night sky,
Fading as we break into a new day,
In the growing light we dance on
Hidden amongst the obvious
We dance.

Trailing hands in the River
Dipping in and dipping out
Following the melody
All the while, I wait for a pause.
A break, a moment
Where we are not one,
When the wolf is not at  my back
Nor at my door
Where I do not have to dance with the wolf,
For when I dance alone
Through the new day
And the terror stays in the night,
I will be free.

But for now
We dance
The wolf and I -
I and the wolf
We dance,
Partnered together
The light and the dark
We are one
For without the wolf
I am no-one.

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