Sunday 5 April 2015

Unrecognisable - a poem.

It came to me, somewhere between that glass of wine and the roadkill
I passed on the way home late last night when it was too dark to drive
Especially when you're me and don't like how the car hugs the white line,
Feeling like it should be following the stars, the flashes of amber and red
Sprinkled on the water in the lagoon and reflected on the black eyes of the houses.

It came to me, then, at that inlet near the place you drove to, so many years ago now
That it's less a memory, it's a daydream of a time that may only exist in this space
Between a glass of wine and the remains of something unrecognisable in the absence of life,
It came to me that you are best left there, at the inlet. Because the tide will take pieces of you
With it and eventually, I won't drive past here, holding my breath and waiting for my car
To follow yours into the high tide, to be with you.
It came to me there, because you are now unrecognisable in the absence of life.

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