Friday 23 May 2014

A big step and a poem.

Today I recorded 10 of my poems, some from the site and some unpublished ones and they'll be online as a podcast soon. It's always scary putting things out there in a different format. I am very grateful I got to record with Grifball, and not some random. I'm really excited about hearing them when the bloopers are deleted.

This is a poem I wrote this week which will be in the podcast.

Piece of Paper

She threw her words at the wall,
again and again and again
waiting for one to slip between a crack and hit home.

She knew it would help her, if they were
to find their way to his ears
and he could help her make sense
of them.

But the wall kept growing
and he strengthened it with words of his own
that hurt her, threw off her aim
and at last she understood
there was no point in using the words anymore.

That the only thing left was – doing -
and so she wrote
of pain
of hopes
of her.
And waited for the piece of paper to find the crack 
that the words couldn't
because he could take it with him,
peruse them at his own pace
and she wouldn't have to wait,
breath caught in her teeth
as he processed the words and dismissed them with his own.

Because maybe,
one day,
a piece of paper would come back through a crack to her
and she would find the answers she'd been waiting for.

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