Monday 8 April 2013

The Perception of Fear

Being afraid. Being scared. Being fearful.

Feelings and states of mind that we experience. Sometimes too often. In varying degrees of severity. From fleeting to crippling.

But in reality, the perception of fear is more of a handicapper than the actual cause of the fear itself. By being afraid to be afraid/scared/petrified, we're handicapping ourselves. We're shackling ourselves to the known and sometimes the known is holding us back. It's killing us slowly in ways we will never see until we're across the fear barrier and into our new comfort zone.

I'm one to talk, I guess, about letting fear rule in my head. I picture her as an amalgamation of all those bitches from high school, work, that woman I saw on the street who I just know was a bitch, and my inner critic. I hear her as all the voices who have caused me pain, doubt and insecurity since I was a child.

Right now though, I have her on mute. I am ignoring her as best I can. Unfortunately she knows non-verbal ways to kick me in the guts. But every day, I think I am one step closer to not being handicapped by fear. I know it's there, I know I should feel it and that I should carry on regardless. Because without risking the fear, I can't move forward. By taking one step at a time and being proactive I am going to beat the fear and find my place again...

TL:DR I am trusting that the fear I feel regarding our future is just the prod I need to get me out into a new comfort zone.

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