Tuesday 30 April 2013

30 Day Writing Challenge

Taking my cue from Michael, I'm going to try to write something every day in May. I'm hoping it will be a mix of poetry and the ramblings I'm always so surprised you like. Join in if you'd like to or just keep poking me to write.

This Night

lead-weighted thoughts plummet earthbound
dreams moored in reality, dragging her heart down
underneath the black waves, darkened this night
again, and again, and again
she chases the elusive hope
and watches mutely as it slips away,
abandoning her to her thoughts
no safe harbour to be found this night.



  1. Way to go!

    And I love 'This Night'

    Absolutely fabulous.

  2. I related the poem to the struggles of writing and how it can sometimes feel like a frightening storm

  3. ill try maybe it will help me get back into blogging


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