Sunday 13 January 2013

Poems from last night...

A Break in the Universe

In the softly breaking waves, they stood,
Captured by the opening of the universe.
The makings of the universe lay bare,
Naked to those who chose to look
Beyond the grey of night, to the break.

An opening above the ribs of cloud
A glimpse at an unknown mountain 
In an unknown world of possibility
Towering over the hills above the sea
A taniwha tail curling over the island
Seen by those who chose to see.


At the setting of the sun,
They walked, sand soft beneath them,
Moulding, marking their path.

At the crashing of the waves,
They walked, each lost in thought,
Trying to find their feet.

At the darkening of the sky,
They walked, searching beyond that night,
Trying on new footprints for size.

In the inevitability of night,
They walked, realising that there is safety,
In learning and travelling the path of others.

For a lifetime can pass between the setting and the rising of the sun,
And slip from memory, like grains of sand moulding to their feet.

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