Sunday 9 December 2012

Lyrical Sunday - Stuck

The Pearl

I'm stuck within the maze of insecurity
I've made the bricks by hand and tears
I'm stuck within, focused on the walls
Which tower over me, pressing down
I'm stuck - one foot in the muddy past
The other searching for a foothold in today
I'm stuck trying to balance myself
Within the maze of  my making.
I'm stuck until I decipher the map
That I wrote and allowed fear to erase.

I stand holding tight to the map,
As the waves of the past recede,
And the hopes of today engulf me.
I step past the riptides of fear
And roll to the  solid ground, map held tight,

Tomorrow I will awake, lying on the dirt,
Eyes looking skyward and I will see the sun,
I will feel the heat of the earth and I will rise,
More than the gravel of the past,
More than the sand of today
I am the pearl and the world my oyster
As the walls fall and I stand amazed.


  1. Breathtaking.

    I wish I knew how to use metaphors as well as you do. :)


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