Sunday 2 December 2012

Lyrical Sunday - Mortality

I'm alive and well in South Africa. Thank you so much to Michael for keeping Lyrical Sunday alive in my absence.

A Mortal Life

Little hands trace letters etched years before,
Naming those who had gone before.
Laughter echoes across the weathered stones, 
markers of those once loved,
By those who can no longer remember.
Arms outstretched, tiptoeing along the edge of the grave, 
Young, alive and vibrant, amidst the mourning gray.
Unaware that he will return here once more,
When the letters spell his name 
And little hands trace them.



  1. I was doing a catch up via google reader today and thought about you
    pleased your having a nice time :)
    you deserve to lovely lady :)

    enjoyed reading this
    made me think recalling a time when I myself a young adult traced the letters on a certain grave
    interesting last few lines with a kind of twist :)

  2. This reminds me I really need to do more storytelling with poetry! :D


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