Monday 29 October 2012


If I stand at the edge of the precipice and turn away from it, am I cowardly?
If I stand at the edge of the precipice and jump, am I weak?
If I stand at the edge, grab your hand and jump, am I brave?
If I stand at the edge and watch you fall, am I braver?
Or am I an idiot for standing still, when I should be running?
Should I be running to the edge, jumping, taking flight and leaving you behind?
Or should I be retracing my steps, searching for the missing anchor?
If I stand here long enough, will it come full circle?
Or will the tears erode the sandy cliff?
If I stand at the edge, is it the end or the beginning?
Will I know?
Will I care?
Will you?


  1. Let's hope it is the beginning as you received enlightment before deciding the end : ) You will be interseted in the last post I made at my blog anniversary party.

  2. You write so well LJ. I wish I could write half a good but I find it easier to hide my feelings. Think I need to start lyrical sundaying again...

  3. What a beautiful poem. Thank you so very mch for posting.


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