Friday 31 August 2012

Review: Uncle Sam's - NZ's Online American Grocery Specialist.

Disclaimer: I cheekily asked Broot to ask Uncle Sam's to send me some CoffeeMate in exchange for a review. They sent me CoffeeMate and a tin of Chock Full of Nuts. This is my honest review.

Italian Sweet Crème Liquid
CoffeeMate Coffee Creamer
I decided to play around with their site and it's easy to use and to navigate around. I liked how it was set out and found it easy to do my "pretend" shop. I think their variety is good and they seem open to requests for things that aren't on the site.

The parcel arrived well packed and promptly. If the communication is the same for paying customers as it is for me, you will be very well looked after.

The CoffeeMate I chose was Italian Sweet Creme. It isn't one I've tried before, but it sounded like it would be good. It is so good. I can't pinpoint the flavour - it's creamy, sweet and delicious. I add it to my second coffee of the day and can see it becoming a favourite treat. They are reasonably priced at $9.80 and I have been known to make the last one I got as a gift last 9 months... But now I can buy them in New Zealand!!

CHOCK FULL O' NUTS NEW YORK ROAST COFFEE - CAN (10.5 Ounce)I also received a coffee named Chock Full of Nuts. I did warn them that I am particularly fussy about my morning coffee and that I send back second rate coffees at cafes AND that I blacklist baristas. Yet, they sent it... Brave...

 I chose the New York Roast as it was the darkest roast. At first I was disappointed by the depth of flavour, then I read the tin and realised it was for a drip/percolator. I don't have one of those so I improvised and brought it to just under boiling on the stove top.  It made a huge difference and we really enjoyed our morning coffee. I'm going to use my stovetop espresso machine on the weekend to see if that works too.

Uncle Sam's will be a happy home for expats and people like me, who are eagerly wanting to taste the many products mentioned on food blogs from the USA. They are reasonably priced and offer Facebook and Twitter specials!


  1. I think you may have a new best friend in Billy
    He LOVES American peanut butter :)
    sent him the link on FB :)

  2. I love your review. I am picky with my coffee too!

  3. I forgot to save the site when I read Broot's review, saving it now, I want that coffee!!

  4. Great review - and loved your comments about the coffee ;) x


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