Tuesday 10 April 2012

Monkey is four - Pt 3 - A super secret treat.

We took him for a taster lesson at MAD club. He loved it. I think he was channelling his very talented uncles and Gramps.


  1. Awesome! It thrills me no end when I see kids getting into music!!!
    We presently have 2 drum kits in our garage...arrghh imagine the noise!! ;) I have just brought my keys inside as it's getting a bit cold out there when I write a song... to sit and nut out the nitty gritty... so inside they now are!! ;)
    My son's decided he wants to do guitar now...instead of drums!! :) go lil' Monkey... :)

    1. My hubby and I missed the music genes so it's something I really want Monkey to learn about while he's little and open to trying everything.

      I can imagine the noise - our neighbours on 3 sides have drum kits - it used to bug me when they were just learning but now they're pretty awesome.



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