Monday 9 April 2012

Lyrical Sunday - Friendship

I chose this prompt after something happened last week to remind me how lucky I am to have such amazing friends around the world. I am blessed that so many people have taken me into their hearts and their families. It's a huge responsibility to stay in touch and be there for them when I live so far away from many of them. I hope that if they read this they know that I think of them often and there isn't a day that goes by without me thinking - "I wish X was here to share this with me..."

For Nyatchi.

It rang, in the quiet waiting room,
Echoing as I stared at the name.
Quickly calculating time zones,
I answered, trying not to assume too much.

Our phone calls were usually planned,
Juggling schedules and times,
Trying to make the setting sun rise.
I answered, your voice made me smile.

It sounded like university days,
Late nights, early lectures, cheeky boys.
It sounded like road trips, castles, knights and hot chocolates -
It sounded like nine years ago.

I apologised. Saying I couldn't talk.
It was inconvenient.
The timing was out,
I had to ask you to wait
I had to put your news on hold.


I rang you.
Juggling dinner and "what time will she be up?",
Eager to hear the news, to un-hold it.
Was it what I had hoped it would be?
Would I hear that the future was brighter?
Would I be able to share your joy and excitement
Over the phone line, over the thousands of kilometres?

Would you forgive me for putting you on hold?
Would you?
Should you?

© 2012 Latte Junkie

(She did :D)


  1. Oh this is a lovely post. I must think about something to do for this because I am extremely blessed right now with amazing friends.

  2. Beautiful post! Loved the card at the beginning and then your lovely poem, which made me smile and nod with complete understanding! So clever you are x

  3. Just put up my post & poem x :


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