Sunday 4 March 2012

Lyrical Sunday - Autumn

This wee we're celebrating Autumn, with apologies to Lien who hasn't had enough Summer... But I can see the leaves turning and a chill in the air, so let us welcome Autumn, with lyrical offerings...

On fire.

Flickering, orange-red, amidst the green and brown,
The earth burns brightest before the dark,
The flaming leaves heralding the arrival of the cold,

In a last flourish, a challenge to the inevitable passing into grey,
The earth burns with reds, russets, oranges-golds,
Before fading and falling, snuffed by Winter's advance.

© 2012 Latte Junkie

Visit Sarah's blog for her offering. It's a great one!


  1. Oh that's a lovely poem! You are so talented!

  2. Beautiful poem and stunning photograph. I would so love to visit Arrowtown, in the South Island, and see all the lovely deciduous trees turn golden there. I'll have to make do with the oak trees in the Botanical Garden & my dear silver birch tree in my garden - my little marker of the seasons :)

  3. Delightfully melodic, as with Sarah's piece too. The words are woven so bewitchingly together.

    Well, I did a post - lyrical it ain't, and, well, hmmm - here you go :-p


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