Sunday 5 February 2012

Lyrical Sunday - Memory

This week's prompt is Memory. A rather sadomasochistic choice this week.

I have two poems to offer...

Bottled Memory

In the lifting of the bottle,
the downing of a bitter-sweet liquid,
the taste, the feel of the cold,
a memory rises to the surface.

In that moment, the room dims,
the cigarette smoke brings a tear to her eyes,
the drunken laughter surrounds her,
taking her back to that night.

In the darkened room, a boy,
a broken boy with a sad smile,
looking for a way out in the bottom of the bottle
losing his way with each gulp, breaking more.

In the doorway, she stood,
torn between duty and compassion,
hesitant, unsure of how to proceed,
dimly aware of impropriety, yet unable to watch him hurt himself.

Into the room she stepped,
the thought to comfort foremost on her mind,
stumbling slightly, too much wine, too little food,
she held him close, ignoring wandering thoughts.

In the murk of that night, a dull feeling of invincibility,
the recklessness of youth meted out comfort;
the desire to be a reminder of a life worth living,
the memory tainted with regret and could-have-beens.

(C) Latte Junkie 2012


Like driftwood floating on the surface of a calm sea,
the memory drifted through her heart.
It warmed her and calmed her.
It was a thing of substance and love.
A memory of life and hope.
An almost forgotten moment captured
in the rose-tinted resin of time gone by.

(C) Latte Junkie 2012


  1. Powerful both. I almost needed to reach for a tissue by the end of the second! x

  2. Amazing writing! You are so talented! I've added my link :-)

  3. I really really like the first. It makes me get the urge to get back into poetry writing again...

  4. I enjoyed both if these - and loved how you incorporated the quote "Just because the past taps you on the shoulders, doesn't mean you have to look back."

  5. I tagged you -

  6. Thanks for the push in the write (yes pun intended) direction. Feels good even though its very rusty and a little bent out of shape.

  7. I wasn't going to contribute, but after reading your offerings I was moved and wanted to post something that was close to my heart.

    I've added my link to my post, although I can't see the links for any of the submissions to click through.

    Have a lovely day.



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