Friday 3 February 2012

Five Friday Favourites at Five.

Today Uncle Rocket Scientist left for colder climes. It has been so good having him here and I must say that I am glad that Wellington pulled out all stops for his last day! Here are my five favourites with a slight lean to the family side of things again...

1. Closeness. Having Monkey build that connection with a family member. Watching a relationship grow on both sides. Watching Uncle R-S getting more at ease with a little person, more able to cuddle and be hands on. It's something I desperately want for all my family to have with Monkey but it is so much easier when your family is in the same time zone.

2. Fun for both the big and little guys, being able to be childlike and reconnect. Although Monkey's learning of the loser sign is going to wear thin soon. (Thanks Uncle!!)

3. Special surprises. We saw dolphins in the bay for the first time in six years of living here. Such a special send off for Uncle Rocket Scientist.

Dolphin watching at the Jetty Cafe.

A gorgeous day in Petone.
 4. Time to reflect. We all had time this week to think things through, in beautiful places.

5. Family! I am blessed to have a wonderful family, both those I am related to and those I have gathered around me. I love you guys, and I don't tell you that enough!
Uncle Rocket Scientist and me at Mojo at the airport. 


  1. BIG HUGS x Gorgeous photographs :)

  2. Awww, what lovely photos! Simply love your post!

  3. What a lovely 5 and great photos.

  4. Ah,you are in a photo!! You are so beautiful!
    I love all of the shots, especially the first one with the feet.

  5. Great times :) And you were rather sneaky with some of those camera shots...!!


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