Wednesday 12 October 2011

Spring/Summer Goals.

I have been tagged by OtherVixie, a newish blogger friend who happens to be an old real life friend, to set myself five goals for Fall/Autumn but as I am in the Southern Hemisphere I thought I would do Spring/Summer Goals.

I aim to:
  1. Swim in the ocean... not just play in the shallows. Actually get completely wet.
  2. Cycle more - when I get home to NZ, I want to cycle more. 
  3. Make some of the recipes I have pinned on Pinterest not just look at them.
  4. Finish the first draft of Savoury.  (ACTUALLY finish it. Not just mull it over some more)
  5. Wear more skirts and invest in some cute camisoles to wear under the tunic/boho tops I will find and buy!
I tag everyone who thinks they need to set themselves some goals for this current season. Have fun and pop over to OtherVixie's blog to see her cutie pie - Maxine.


  1. I already have my goals - my list of 35...

    As for swimming in the ocean - visit It might just help you realise your goal :-)

  2. Do #3 first! Then blog about it :)

  3. 'Savoury'? Are you writing a book? Go for it! Sounds like you've got quite a few great goals and loving 1. and 2. and totally agree - I reckon a thermal lined wetsuit might help though if in NZ! x


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