Monday 4 July 2011

And I'm back!

Stud1 is back at work and things are settling back to normal. The house is quieter, things are moving slower and I am lonely.

It has been a great month and although I am still mightily pissed off with his work for calling him back on Friday (an emergency my ass!) which led to him working nights this weekend, I got a month with him. We did. As a family. And that is very rare in our lives.

I hope that he enjoyed our company enough to want to do it again soon. 

And segueing gracefully to you, my dear reader, how have you been this past month? Hopefully you haven't caught the dreaded bug or gotten too cold or too hot (as the hemisphere dictates) or worked too hard or played too little.

My aim is to blog daily again from here on in and to make an announcement about a new venture soon.


  1. Last month was good... this month however! Just found out today I am moving (again!) 4th time in 4 years is the charm, right?

  2. Yay, she's back!! I've missed you - we're up to 123 book reviews now, so getting there slowly!


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