Tuesday 10 May 2011

A trip down memory lane

As I was looking for inspiration for today's post I read that one of Wordpress's ideas was "Describe the worst driver you know."

It hit me, when I was in Uni - we truly knew one of the worst drivers ever... She may have improved by now as it has been nearly twelve years since we drove with her last.

But back in the Res Rat days, we were desperate to get out and she had a car. So... we drove with her.

There was the time she took out a very large electronic driveway gate.

There was the time she turned onto a highway. Into the WRONG lane - into ONCOMING traffic.

There was the time she overtook someone without checking her mirrors and nearly hit the car that was overtaking her.

There was the time she turned up a one way, panicked and pulled back to the other side of a 4 lane road and ramped a curb. That was the last time we drove with her. We walked home that night because we couldn't face the trip home.

Article on MiniBus Taxi etiquette

So as a girl from South Africa, it prides me to say that even though the taxi drivers there are appalling (read minimum of 10 people in an 8 seater space, a fair few parts falling off it, many stops by police, one or two incidents with guns and gangs) my worst driving experience was with a lovely blonde friend of mine!

(Love you MW)

PS: I have driven by minibus taxi maaannnyyy times - just don't tell my mom ok??


  1. How scary! I hear stories about people (usually women) who take 100+ attempts to pass their drivers' licenses and cross my fingers that they don't live anywhere near me.

  2. Well here`s an interesting one from Johannesburg, South Africa. It`s a true account of the events that took place one Saturday evening, slap-bang in the middle of a long weekend...

    A colleague of mine arrived at work on Tuesday morning, after Monday was a national holiday, looking particularly frazzled and sheepish. So, being my tactful self, I enquired rather loud and robustly as to why she seemed so shell-shocked and out-of-sorts.

    She responded, "Well....I was heading home on the double carriage-way after a long night of short drinks, when I hit a puddle left by the rains. As I lost control of my car and began to spin out of control, I must have blacked out, because when I awoke I was on an island.."

    I pointed out that an island was probably a great place to spend a long weekend and added that her demeanor seemed completely inappropriate.

    Ungrateful or what?


  3. Wow! That's crazy that they fit all of those people in one taxi. The picture is good. Makes me miss New York! : )


  4. I've just discovered you through KMB - and am very glad I did! I just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger award! Have a look at your nomination here: http://skymum-pursuitofhappiness.blogspot.com/2011/05/longest-post-in-history-of-blogging-my.html :)


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