Sunday 8 May 2011

Lyrical Sunday Week 18 - Mothers

My Lyrical Sunday tweet:
#lyricalsunday #mothersday - abruptly overwhelming love enhances your life. A smile, a loud moment, this is motherhood. this is true life.

Mummy I love you

Motherly madness,
Unbelievable, unique
Motivational, moving
Mysterious mess
You, youth.

Ironic, interesting

Living, loving
Overwhelming, outlandish
Visionary, victorious
Extroadinary, extremes

Young, yawning
Only original
Undying, ultimate

For Mom.

for thirty two years you have been mine
for me, you have given up so much
for me, you have been through so many trials,
more than I will ever know.

for thirty two years you have been mine
for the good, the bad and the teenage angst
for the cuddles, the storm outs, the tears
and more than you will ever know.

for thirty two years you have been mine
for advice, support and unconditional acceptance
for love, encouragement and unwavering belief.
and now, it is my turn to do the same, in return.
for the next thirty two years that you are mine
and the thirty two after that, I will be yours
and together we will be more than mother and daughter,
we will be friends. I love you Mom.


by Monkey

Mummy is so smart
I love Mummy so much
Because you tell me when Daddy is coming home
You play with me
We play dancing robots
I know you love me when you play puzzles
and when you brush our teeth
You talk to people and make pictures
You write messages and FaceBook
I know you are clever because I love you
Your job is to write, you pack things, sleep,
you bake cookies and make sausage rolls and dinner
I love you because you are lovely and give good cuddles.

(slightly paraphrased as he is three and rambles slightly...)


  1. Oh my goodness! An incredible, mammoth effort! All so gorgeous!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE the positiveness (sp? word? haha) of all of these! Happy Mothers day!

  3. We play robots too. What wonderful songs!


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