Friday 6 May 2011

In which the secrets of Motherhood are revealed - Part 5: Bonuses

It's Friday, it's raining and I am so tired my head could implode. Seriously though, who told Monkey that 4am was morning - I am going to hunt you down and squash you!

But anyhoo, onwards and upwards.

Today's theme is bonuses... no you don't get a $1000 cheque if baby is still alive after 12 months, although that may in fact save many lives sadly.

Bonuses are the little extras you don't read about but make life with a child so special.

Here are mine - feel free to add your own.

  • Snuffly little baby cuddles at 3am when the whole world is asleep and you are holding your perfect little bundle.
  • Milky smiles and indelicate burps
  • Not having to get dressed. At all. Unless you want to.
  • Lounging around watching your baby discovering things.
  • Seeing their personalities become clearer to others.
  • Noticing the changes in your partner.
  • Sleepy cuddles
  • Nose kisses
  • The muddled words - helicopolah, noo-noos, flavours (favours)
  • The moment you realise they have learnt something - to say thank you or even set the table
  • The fact that kids seem to want to help and if you let them help you can have an amazing time together
  • That your friends will not expect your house to be perfect.
  • Shared baths
  • Seeing the world through the eyes of a child - it is truly amazing what they notice and remember.
  • Being allowed to read children's books and buy them without anyone looking at you strangely
  • Jumping in puddles
  • Blowing raspberries
  • Eating apple custard
  • Playing on the playgrounds with as much enthusiasm as your three year old
  • Colouring in
  • Painting
  • Lego
  • Meccano 
  • Children's movies
I could go on but I'd like to let you get back to your day.
My hope is that when life is going bad and the whole journey of Motherhood is pretty crap, that you can focus on the bonuses. The bonuses are what make it worthwhile.



  1. You forgot "making a dessert during the day and eating it ALL and no-one else need ever know" or cake or batch of pikelets etc. Only works until baby is old enough to tell on you though :P

  2. and.. "I made that....With the expert help of his/her father"


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