Sunday 10 April 2011

April 10 2011 - Monkey is 3!

The day had the opportunity to start badly - given my Facebook status of "FUCKING ICING" at 10pm last night. But Stud1 worked his magic and the pirate ship cake was no longer a... um... ship-wreck...

Monkey woke up to a room of balloons (or forty to be exact) and his chosen breakfast of oats and berries. Stud1 was rather disappointed at the chosen breakfast - I'm guessing Monkey will be prepped for the next year to say "cinnamon buns and bacon" 

He was slightly disconcerted that the birthday fairies hadn't arrived but after breakfast he walked into the lounge and they had snuck in and left a pile of goodies.

Then it was time to open all the presents.

He was spoilt rotten.
Thank you to Nyamanyama and Gramps for the clothes, book, pirates and the 3D puzzle, to Aunty Sharon and Aunty Jacolien for the shark t-shirt, and other awesome shirts (You have no idea how much Mummy loves them!!) Aunty Sarah and Uncle Richard for the pirate ship puzzle, Nanna for the Gruffalo DVD and the moon hopper (my current favourite) and of course Mummy and Daddy for the guitar, meccano and wobble stilts.

We packed the car and set out to the park. I commandeered a table while Stud1 hauled all the food and goodies to the table. After we set up and all the guests arrived, we had a ball! There was laughing and chasing and Miss Amerikiwi was very brave to be out with the boys , even, with her broken collar bone.

I think all the kids had such fun and I hope the grown ups did too!

Highlights included - 

  • Monkey singing happy birthday to himself in the middle of the field and singing the  same line OVER and OVER again.
  • LittleRod giving everyone kisses and letting Littlest Amerikiwi have a ride on his trike.
  • Neo looking for the trains
  • Monkey opening BusyIssy's present (wrapped in jellybean wrapping paper) and saying - "Snail* was wrong! There's no jelly beans in here"
  • Any number of falls off bikes and trikes with no tears
  • The littlest members of our group wearing pirate hats and looking adorable!
  • Monkey calling for all the other children at the park to join him opening his presents.
  • Coffee Group Girls - you rock! Nothing more to say! You rock!
And then this evening we went out for dinner to Lone Star and they gave him a T-shirt to commemorate his 3rd birthday. We had a lovely dinner and he was impeccably behaved.
Then the cherry on the top of an amazing day was when he thanked me for a perfect day, marvelled at all the stars he could see and made a wish on the shooting star he swore he saw!

*Snail - imaginary friend, who recently acquired a brother and an ability to fly and two feet.

**More photos to follow tomorrow.


  1. LOVE IT! Way to go girl! That cake looks amazing.

  2. Fabulous fabulous fabulous!!!! What a wonderful birthday!

  3. That cake...oh monkey would have been Soooooo happy to see that! Well done you, after having the first 1st, phew it's hard work before a party! That cherry on that cake sounds wonderful, what a great boy you have to say thank you!


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