Tuesday 29 March 2011

Brisbane Part 4 - CitiCats, Gardens, Parks and China Town.

Monkey and I walked from the apartment to the Botanic Garden and over the Mangrove walk. It was a 12km round trip! But very worth the walk.
Botanic Gardens and Mangrove Walk.
Roma Street Park is a beautiful park. When we got there they had salsa dancers dancing on the stage, there was a lot of space to sit and relax and hidden treasures. We cut our visit short(ish) when Stud1 one realised how big the spiders were and how low their webs are! 

China Town was much like other China Towns we've been too, but they are still one of my favourite places to go too! I love the mix of cultures and the Brisbane one was located right next to the upmarket car dealerships and luxury hotels!
Roma St Park and China Town.
Monkey and I went via CitiCat to a park in New Farm Park. I discovered it through Brisbane Kids. It was amazing. I don't think my photos do it justice. Seriously well worth a visit! I would suggest visiting the website to get any information you need as it has insider knowledge that was VERY useful! Including links to blogs about eating out with kids, free activities, big spoils and parks in each neighbourhood. 
New Farm Park - dragon playground
En route to New Farm Park on the CitiCat.

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  1. Wow, a long trip for a kid, but I bet it was fun seeing all the new places and making new memories.


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