Sunday 27 February 2011

Lyrical Sunday Week 9 - Night

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Hutt River at night taken by Stud1
I am Night

Amidst today and tomorrow,
Yesterday and now, I follow
Silently, after dusk and sunset,
I am the time of forfeit.

The day is past, as are its fears
I bring relief, as Diana appears,
to reign, as Apollo to bed does creep
I cosset, croon whilst you sleep

Laugh, sigh, dream of what will be,
what was or what is. They are but free.
I am the bringer of hope and counsel;
the harbinger of despair and ill-

Fate. I see all, excuse all, forgiving none.
All that is done under my watch is hidden,
Yet, not forgotten by me. Do as you wish,
Unseen deeds. Within me they vanish

Like smoke in the darkness.
Within me. With a gentle caress
I work to ease concerns, aid delight
I am eternally yours, I am Night.

Death of a spark
By Stud1

a thousand distant dots break the blackness night has cast.
pensive, waiting, patience. said she'd be here by and by.

the deep and lonely darkness draws the mind back to the past
contemplate decisions, pain of truth after the lie

a spark among the black flickers out - it could not last.
barely knew that it was there, before we watched it die.
Moon by Stud1

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  1. Wow - you pair are so talented. I always look forward to your poems and your words leave such a mark on me. Such talent. Love the photographs too! I've got a stinking cold at the moment and had a really busy time of it this week, but will try to string together a little something this evening x Have a great week.


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