Friday 28 January 2011

Smaller - Update 28th January 2011

I have been trying to work out regularly using EA Active 2. (I am not being reimbursed by EA at all). I have managed about eight workouts in the past two week and have actually enjoyed them. I am not pushing myself as that would just set me up for failure. My aim is to burn 400 calories this week and try to get to 500 next week etc. I time the workouts for when Monkey is napping and I do a 20 minute session. 

Now... has it helped? Yes

Has the diet change helped? Yes!

Has changing from full fat milk to trim helped? Yes

Here are my measurements from the first of January:

Waist: 115cm

14th Jan

Waist: 110cm
Butt: 137cm
Thigh: 82

28th Jan:

Wasit: 107cm
Butt: 135cm
Thigh: 76cm

So although the kilograms haven't changed by much (not ready to share that) I did buy two shirts that were a size smaller than I expected to fit into and my freshly washed jeans fitted without the usual warm up period or a need for a shoe horn!
I am feeling proud!


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