Wednesday 26 January 2011

A little bit of happy...

... in my pantry. It's not often that I decide to declutter. Usually my forays into minimalism is preempted by a visit by my in laws.

Today, however, I am tackling my pantry. I managed to convince Stud1 that I needed spice racks on the pantry doors and he cobbled some together (couldn't actually buy any in the shops here).

My spices are all nice and safe in the doors and I have more space on the shelves.

I have tried all sorts of organisation in the pantry and it never works - I am not naturally ordered. My plan of action, this time around, is to organise things by cuisine - Mexican, Asian, Indian, Kiwi, Breakfast, Baking, Snacks and Misc :)

I love it so far and will post a photo when I'm done.

Next on my list is to get batteries into my label machine so that I can label all my new plastic containers. Then it's onto recovering the shelves... maybe...

Opening the doors makes me feel all happy and tingly... It's the small things :)


  1. Far too organised! Mine is an "open at your own risk" type pantry where you might be buried in an avalanche of packets, boxes and bottles if not cautious.

    I've always admired those with neat pantries, stacked and labeled tupperware.

  2. To be entirely honest, I was actually motivated to do something about my pantry when I dropped a 800g can of tomatoes on my bare foot as I was scrounging for something behind all the packets :)

    And the labelmaker was a joke gift from a VERY organised friend...

    So don't admire me too much!


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