Sunday 30 January 2011

Guess what I've been doing...

No, nothing quite as exciting as a coffee with my new BFFs...

I've been busy writing reviews for 1001 Book Reviews For Kids. As Monkey and I are the proud owners of 200+ kids books, I could do a fifth of the reviews... But I wouldn't want to deprive you of reviewing some too.

If you have kids, or are related to a breeder or, like me, love kids books for their own sakes, join in the fun and submit some reviews of your own. 

Go on... you know you want too...

Let me know if you do :D -

Here's the How-To and What-Fors... From Bronwyn's Welcome Page on 1001 Book Reviews for Kids

Welcome to 1001 Book Reviews for Kids!

This is a spin-off from my other blog, 1001 Book Reviews, but the rules are much simpler.  It goes a little something like this.

a) Find a children's book, any children's book, and review it.
b) Email the review to me at
c) I'll pop it up here (giving you credit for the review, of course!)
d) Hopefully we'll get 1001 different books reviewed soon enough!

If you have children that are old enough to review books themselves, or to help you review them, that'd be great - after all, the books we're looking for are
kids books!


  1. How do you do the review? You want it on here?

  2. Hi Rage,

    Sorry I should have been clearer...I'll edit the post so that it's easier to see where to go. (Can I blame trying to do this and play Mario Cart with my 3 year old at the same time?)



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