Tuesday 21 December 2010

Christmas Cookies

 Baking with Monkey is fun and challenging. Sadly there are no photos of the decorating as Stud1 was at work. And I figure that icing and sprinkles don't mix well with DSLRs. I think they turned out well, as I can't do pretty pretty baking and Monkey is... well... two!


  1. Oh those cookies look so yummy!

  2. I am usually not a lover of all these christmas-we-are-baking-posts unless there are really unusual ideas there. But I have to give it to you, I liked your post. Just because I am a really visual person loving the pictures that make me feel a bit like being there, experiencing it. That is what I like about a post like that. Not only a picture of cookies :) So thank you for letting us into your home!

  3. I have no idea what a DSLR is, but nevertheless the cookies look delicious. I can tell you had lots of fun with your monkey making them. I hope I can do something like that when my little Tiku gets older.:)

  4. Hi

    Thanks for your lovely comments.

    Melanie a DSLR (digital single-lens reflex cameras) is the digital camera which is very much my hubby's pride and joy :)

    Baking with little ones is so much fun BUT only if you are willing to let go of perfection.


  5. I love holiday posts! Visiting from SITS. I'll be back!


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