Sunday 19 December 2010

The build up to Christmas

I have been a little slack about posting anything that isn't directed by the 30 Days of Truth. Although there was that slip into syrupy sweet nostalgia last week - but I'm going to forgive myself. It isn't often that I get to celebrate 9 years with Stud1 and remind myself (and him) how good we have it.

It's 6 days away from Santa Day. Monkey is asking daily now if Santa is coming and whether he has remembered that he would love a blue bike for Santa Day. As Santa has been emailed at least five times and various uncles have been recipients of Monkey-typed emails requesting visits and blue bikes, I am certain that somehow Santa got the message and I will be helping pick up a blue bike next week.

I have been very stressed concerned that Uncle Rocket Scientist and Uncle Living Statue's parcels had gotten lost in the quagmire of Royal Mail and snow. But I know that at least two parcels made it through. Now I am hoping that the one for my mum has made it into SA unscathed or stolen! I will be pissed off if the 100 photos of Monkey are lost. At least the awesome hamper for the InLaws arrived and was as good as the picture online!

I have wrapped all the presents and they are ready to go under the tree. Note to self - do NOT buy presents through out the year and then not go through them before the Silly Season. Monkey is SPOILED! Even managed to buy Stud1's presents without too much hassle this year... Thank goodness for helpful people at the online store.

Menu-wise I am trying to keep in mind "smaller" so I am not going full out with 100s of things for lunch.

This is my menu plan :
Christmas Eve - Grown Ups Only 

(hopefully eaten while watching Love Actually for the millionth time!)
Freshly baked bread
Garlic and white wine mussels
Lemon Butter Prawns
Assorted dips, cheeses and crackers

Christmas Lunch
Greek salad
Potato Salad
Sirloin Steak with mushrooms


Of course there will be assorted mince pies and Christmas cake floating around but I am aiming to not buy brandy butter or cream as they make warm mince pies irresistible.

We'll have the expected pavlova on New Years day and I think I'll team it with a small ham and salads just to have a little "traditional" food.

So it may not sound like much but this is what I have been up to the last few days. Right gotta run I am going to attempt to make cookies with Monkey to give to our neighbours... I will ask Stud1 to take some photos and will post them and the recipe here later... (if they work)

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