Saturday 11 December 2010

30 Days of Truth - Day 4

Day 4: What do you have to forgive someone for?

Bloody hell, the truth is a hard taskmaster.


I have to forgive my father for being the man he was. For his poor choices, addictions, abuses, abandonment and his cowardice.  For not giving me the chance to speak to him as an adult.

This is something I have worked on for a few years and I think that I have dealt with it. I was given the tools to embrace the forgiveness during a reading after Monkey's birth. It feels as if it worked.

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  1. OHHH it seems forgiveness is a tough thing for me haha. well not really, its just that I don't have anyone to forgive. Dam. But I do think thats probebly a good thing.
    I guess I could forgive my friends for abandoning me when I was drunk and being sick in the loo. The ran off with my money and used it to pay for the taxi into town...But they have never said sorry..or asked for my forgiveness. Infact Im not even sure they KNOW that I know what they did!! haha. But anyway. I guess having them as my bridesmaids I have forgiven again..not very good this one. Bring on day 5 I guess


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