Sunday 17 June 2012

Lyrical Sunday - Only

For K 

for now you are the only one,
the only child of my heart.
for now you are the centre
and orbit of my life
as you grow and mature
you are not alone
you do not merely exist in this world
you are uniquely in it and it in you
I watch you and know -
certain, that, even if you are the only one,
I have created one amazing thing
in this my only life.

© Latte Junkie, 2012


it isn't easy to be the only one
the only one too scared to say no
or the only one who wants to say yes but can't
it isn't easy being the only one who is scared
or not scared of anything in particular
it isn't easy being the only one in the room
who isn't the same as the others
who is merely existing, who is merely there
it isn't easy being the life of the party when
the party is the last place you want to be
it isn't easy being the only one who can't stop eating
nor start running or walking or swimming
it isn't easy being the only one who is only a mother
or only a daughter or only a wife
it isn't easy being the only one to have seen that
or done this or been there
it isn't easy having to be the only one who has a voice
to speak for those who can't or won't
it isn't easy only having one life and one heart and one chance
it isn't easy putting the words down and picking up the tools
to start the only thing that matters
and to realise that it is only you and that is all you need.

© Latte Junkie, 2012


  1. Oh wowzers! There's me trying to come up with ONLY one poem and you've come up with two absolute beauties! The first so touching, the second an outpouring of you and I understand so much of what you've shared.

    I ONLY wish I wasn't so tired and could feel inspired! Perhaps tomorrow x

    There's a reason there's only your poems up here tonight - only you hold the true talent to work magic with words x keep doing what you love - you are so good at it x

  2. Here's mine - wish I had more time - but at least I made a little time (my mind is a whirl at the moment!) x

  3. Untitled...absolutely amazing. Beautiful, beautiful writing.


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