Sunday 22 May 2011

Lyrical Sunday Week 19 - Full Moon

In Wicca the Triquetra (pictured below) represents the maid, mother and crone or the three realms sky, sea, and land.

In Wicca the full moon is the embodiment of the Mother, this was my inspiration for this week's Lyrical Sunday.

By the Light

By the light of the mother
the maiden invokes the magic
of the night

By the light of the mother
the youthful faces transform
into masks of hope

By the light of the mother
invocations are whispered
to ease the hunger,
to herald the season of plenty

By the light of the mother
magical wishes are freed
into the ether, the universe.
to be heard and considered

By the light of the mother
blessings flow from Goddess
to the maidens below
as the Winter eases into Spring

By the light of the mother
the crone watches the coven,
remembering her first Snow Moon.


  1. Oh I love this! I am fascinated by Wiccan magic and rituals. Have a few good books on the subject. I've just written my poem so will get the page up this evening and let you know when the linky is good to go :)

  2. I just suddenly wanted to listen to Led Zeppelin really badly :)


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