Monday 7 March 2011

Human-Avian Hybrids

This weekend, I rediscovered my love of the  Maximum Ride Series by James Patterson. It's a book series for teenagers. I love Max's attitude and the story about human-avian hybrids is compelling. So compelling, in fact, that I have read two books since Friday. I truly love escaping into her world. She is a ballsy chick who isn't afraid of dirt and being a leader, which is refreshing in a world of Bellas'.... 

It has the pace and style of the Alex Cross series and I hope you pick one up and give them a go.


  1. Ok...despite the fact that birds give me the creeps? I will check them out. But only because you refrenced the character as a "ballsy chick". My kind of girl.
    However? Treading on Bella? Not so cool. LOL! It takes balls to take on a room full of viscious vampires! I kid you...

  2. I love Twilight but Bella is quietly brave... Max is in your face and all guns blazing brave with a fair bit of hidden emotion :)

    I hope you like it :)

  3. I'm totally sold! Actually, I would love to see some female characters in teen fiction that are completely UNLIKE Bella...

  4. well if you still check up on this page and you keep updates on maximum ride then you must know that the final book is coming out. ive read every single book and i have just sent my entry for the final chapter. the new book is called nevermore. so heads up. oh and youre welcome for the update. the final chapter contest is still going on. peace!!!!!!!!


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