Wednesday 14 May 2014

More in the Moment - updated

More in the Moment

Stepping back from the edge of the moment,
Shrugging her warmth from his shoulders,
He put distance between his hands and her.

Pushing temptation away from his lips as
Reality's scalpel cut through the mist of maybe.
Shaking his head he backed away from the jump
Afraid to bridge it, even with his voice.

Together they stood in the rain,
Both waiting for it not to mean more.

Watching the distance grow in his eyes,
Feeling the moment breaking as he shrugged it off.
Maybe? breezed over her warm shoulders,

Snagging on the lump in her throat, her voice waited for his.
Closing her eyes to the uncertainty in his,
Too afraid to step forward,
to bridge the gap between friend and more.

Breath caught, they waited in the rain,
Neither knowing if it was more,
or just a break in the storm.


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